2021-2021 Staff


James Renda

Meet James Renda, a 17-year-old baseball player who enjoys watching basketball and football. James is also looking forward to learning about journalism. After high school, James wants to go to college and major in a field with somet...

blu rein

Aidan Dorian

Aidan Dorian, a 17-year-old high school student, ready to take on the world of journalism, is very excited to explore the many interviews that will come his way. With his ability to converse and discuss many topics, he hopes t...

Monica Wheeler

Monica Wheeler

Monica Wheeler has been the Arts and Culture section editor since tenth grade.  She enjoys spreading awareness by writing on topics of social justice issues.  She also has a passion for film and media which led her to apply...

Emma Kingwell

Emma Kingwell

Emma Kingwell has been writing for Hall Highlights since ninth grade and although writing is the subject in which she is least comfortable, she always seeks to improve on it. She decided to become involved in journalism because...

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