Ava Morin
Ava Morin has lived in West Hartford. Connecticut, her whole life, and made her way through Morley, King Philip and now Hall. After interviewing her, it was clear that Ava has an artsy vibe -- an appreciation for literature and various art forms.  In other words, she’s a “doodle in the margins type of girl.” After taking a painting class last year, she was eager to explore her new skills. As for after graduation, she is toying with the idea of art and elementary education, eventually ending up living somewhere close to her family.

Having taken a class with Ms. Fransen in the past, she couldn’t help but come back! Not to mention, she simply finds Journalism a very interesting topic. More importantly, it was expressed that she hopes to gain a few new skills by taking this class. Including interviewing skills, exposure to social issues and simply, as Ava says, “I tend to pull back from speaking my mind...I’m planning to be more curious, ask more questions and be more social.” She’s looking forward to becoming a successful journalist!

Ava Morin, Author

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