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Griffin Van Rye
17-year-old Griffin Van Rye has lived in West Hartford his entire life, attending Morley Elementary and King Philip Middle School before arriving at Hall. Griffin lives with his Mother and Father, and has a sister who graduated from Hall in 2014. Griffin’s academic interests do not fall into the English or writing category, but he feels that growing his skills in these subjects will assist him next year in college.

Outside of the classroom, Griffin dominates on the football field. The 6’2”, 195 pound defensive end is a starter on the Varsity team. He decided to join the team for his last high school year after withdrawing after his freshman year. In the spring, Griffin plays on the baseball team. He has been a key pitcher and powerful batter on the Varsity team since his sophomore year. Van Rye is also an avid video gamer. His number of victories on the popular game “Fortnite” grows by the day. Griffin’s hard working attributes and consistent positive mental attitude, makes him a viable student-athlete and gamer.


Griffin Van Rye, Writer

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