Hayden Meyer
Hayden Meyer is a 17-year-old senior here at Hall High School and a long-time resident of West Hartford. Although she has never written in a newspaper before, Hayden thinks it would be an awesome opportunity. Hayden mainly took this class because she has an interest in current events and believes, “it’s really important for everyone to have access to news, so they know what’s going on in the world.” Some of Hayden’s many strengths include her ability to talk to anyone and her outgoing personality. She brings her positive energy and strong understanding of current events to class everyday.

Hayden comes from a large family and likes to spend time with her three older brothers whenever she can. Besides hanging out with her siblings, Hayden says she likes, “working with toddlers and nannying in my free time, as well as hanging out with friends from school.” After high school, she is definitely interested in attending a four-year college. 

Hayden Meyer, Journalist

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