Jack McHale
Jack Gerald McHale is a native of West Hartford CT, and has been his whole life. He is seventeen-years-old, and lives with his mother and father. He has two siblings who are both in college, and no longer live at home. Jack attended Morley elementary school, and moved on to King Philip Middle School. From there, he went to Hall High School, where he continues his education to date as a senior.

Jack is very involved in the Hall community. He plays two sports here at Hall, including football and lacrosse. He has played varsity lacrosse since his freshman year, and is looking to make a great final run during his senior season. Jack is also the captain of the football team, after starting from the freshmen level and working his way up through the years. He earned this role due to his hard work and determination, but most importantly, by being a good teammate.

His favorite subject to partake in is science. He enjoys science because of the assumptions you make on your own, and coming up with your own ideologies and beliefs. These tasks are very similar to those in journalism. Jack takes the lessons learned from science and sports and applies it to the classroom. He knows what it means to persevere, as well as how to handle adversity. Jack will take these skills into his role as a journalist, and he looks forward to sharing his writings with the Hall High School community!

Jack McHale, Writer

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