Jason Cramer
Known mostly for his charisma, story-telling talents, and ability on the volleyball court, Jason Cramer also has a knack for journalism. Jason is one of the most passionate people when it comes to assuring the public isn't being cheated or mislead. “I don’t rest until the truth is in the hands of the people” he shouts as he pounds his fist on the table and looks off into the distance. Jason is a talented writer and investigator, and his pieces tend to have subtle hints of comedy that add a light-hearted tone to the heavy stories he covers. Jason describes himself as “pretty much the whole package” when it comes to journalism.

When he isn't searching the world for stories untold, he enjoys filming and acting in funny movies that he writes with his peers. “Barnhouse Studios” is what he titled his very own production company. They have released several features ranging from impressive stop-motion movies to "dramedies" involving intergalactic creatures. Along with being interested in film, he is also a talented computer programmer. Down the line, Jason would love to work in either one of those fields. The creativity and skills from these hobbies are definitely things that will translate into journalism.

Jason Cramer, Journalist

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