Jason Hoopes

Jason Hoopes is a 17 year old Hall High School student born in Hartford, CT. He has lived in West Hartford his whole life and lives with his parents and his brother.

Jason is very passionate about music, especially jazz, as he is in the jazz band at Hall. He plays the piano and the drums and is currently learning the guitar. He thinks of music as “a way to communicate pure emotions”. He was able to relate to others on a New Orleans trip through just music, despite coming from such different backgrounds. Although his parents aren’t musically inclined, his brother is and his grandfather was.

Jason originally took a writing class on descriptive and narrative style writing, and has never done writing in a journalism style. He is taking  Journalism because despite wanting to pursue computer science and other science & math in college, he believes having these sort of writing skills will be beneficial.

He enjoys computer science, and likes math and solving puzzles, and of course, music. He is going to Northeastern University after this year.

Jason Hoopes, Writer

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