Jaxson Meyer
Jaxson Meyer is a 17 year-old transgender senior who was born in New Britain,CT. He  moved to West Hartford at age five in order to receive a better education. Jaxson is a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community which is why he's always checking up on the latest LGBTQ+ news.

Jaxson decided to take the journalism class due to his love for writing. He believes that he “has good writing skills” and has enjoyed writing ever since the sixth grade. This skill also plays a part in his personal hobbies along with kickboxing and dancing. Another reason he enjoys foreign languages is because he’s a very big fan of K-Pop music and admires many of the Korean idols .

Jaxson doesn’t let anyone mess with him or tell him what to do. He is a very independent person which gives him a good idea of who he is as an individual. His future plans are to go to college, “Open up my own art ceramics business” and “minor in chemistry and photography.” 

Jaxson Meyer, Writer

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