Josh Fernandes is a 17-year-old who has just begun his final year of high school. He has entered the new school year with a growing interest in journalism. Josh doesn’t have any experience as a journalist, but he plans to consider majoring in it for his post high school career. In fact, the young journalist brings some strong qualities to journalism such as his willingness to get something done and a hard-work ethic.

When it comes to writing, Josh is very flexible. He stated, “I’m open to writing about any topic, however, I would prefer to write about sports because it’s something I am passionate about.” Following sports and running for Hall’s track and cross country varsity teams are what this senior enjoys to spend his time doing. “Running is something that interests me and I would love to pursue it as an option in college,” Josh said. He would highly consider running as a walk-on.

Josh Fernandes, Writer

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