Kam’rim Mckain
Kam’rim a senior attending William H. Hall High School, and is currently 16 years old. Kam’s mother passed away when he was 1 year old, so he has been living with his grandmother ever since. While he enjoys sports such as football and basketball, he also enjoys writing. His reading skills don’t only come from consuming sports news and magazine so years of hard word and determination He brings an amazing amount of skills to our journalism class. Kam is outstanding at reading, writing, and communicating to his classmates and teachers. He plans to attend Albertus Magnus  University in New Haven after he graduates. Kam is “interested in exploring hands on mechanic after he graduates”,

As a fellow classmate I believe Kam would be an inspiring addition to any college. I personally enjoy working with him because of his work ethics and creative way of helping those who need it.

Kam'Rim Mckain, writer

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