Final Journalism Article
Kam’rim Kori McKain

January 11th,2019


Period 6

It’s time for our families to stay strong because the culture wars are trying to separate our families.

The different culture wars in our country are due to  President Donald Trump causing so many disasters in 2018 over the arguments of the whites and colored people.  The arguments of violence, freedom, free justice, and belief thinking someone is better than one and another. If all the whites can stop acting like the colored people are bad and boujee there definitely wouldn’t be a problem it would most likely be more peaceful all the violence and the foolishness could stop.  

How do you feel about the way the violence and etc is going on between whites and colored people about the culture wars? “To whom it may affect but us black people been through so much to the point where the way we was treated by whites in the old days is just getting worse and worse, feels like it’s slowly starting again”. My interviewer Caswell Bailey feels that everything is being taken care of on different levels when half of the time it doesn’t even need to be taken care of that way.

There wouldn't never ever have to be any culture wars if everybody can have the positive mindset and come together and make peace. From the definition of culture wars is very true because between the two groups with different ideals, beliefs, philosophies. If whites and colored people keep up the same energy it may continue on forever and forever, old saying “nothing is going to stop by itself, so we have to come together and put a stop to it as a team”.

Kam'Rim Mckain, Writter

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