Leah Simanovich
Leah Simanovich, a Hall High School senior, is a 17 year old who has been living in West Hartford since birth. She lives with her mom and dad, and has an older sister who is 35 and named Inessa. “Very close...We talk everyday” said Leah, describing their relationship.


In terms of future plans, Leah wants to go to college somewhere with warm temperatures.  Although still deciding on what to pursue, she will continue to focus on being a strong student at Hall. From Hall tennis to Empty Bowls Club, Leah has been participating in various activities in the Hall community since freshman year.

In terms of personality, Leah believes that she is best described as, “quiet, nice, but very approachable.” Leah is full of charm and charisma, which are key factors in her plans to exceed in journalism. Leah is excited to kick off the new year and to share it with the readers through her stories.

Leah Simanovich, Author

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