Lindsay Fox
Lindsay Fox is 17-year-old and a senior here at Hall High School. In this class, Lindsay would like learn how to ask the right questions so that her writing can expand. Although Lindsay has never written for any kind of newspaper before she is very excited to try it for the first time. She is interested in reading about crime news and writing. During our conversation Lindsay says, “I think it’s important for people to hear the good and bad things in the world so they can be best informed.” Throughout the year Lindsay hopes to bring a new perspective to this class and a fresh point of view on current events.

One of Lindsay’s strengths is her ability to work with anyone and her good work ethic. Here at Hall, there are many clubs, and Lindsay happens to run one! Lindsay says, “I run Komen for a Cure Club, and it has shown me how to be responsible and how to inspire others to start their own clubs.” After high school, Lindsay plans on attending a four-year university or college. She loves to hangout with her brother Will and her friends.

Lindsay Fox, Writer

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