Max Boyd is a 17-year-old senior at Hall. Max spent the first 14 years of his life living outside Atlanta, Georgia, until moving to West Hartford, in the summer going into freshman year.

He is a 2nd year captain for the Basketball team and has been a 4 year varsity player. Max is not just an athlete his other interests include” making music and photography”. Max is a very well rounded kid who wants to use his interests and skills to study engineering in college.

He decided to take this class because “Journalism was the most interesting available class for a senior writing class.” When asked about the things he would like to write about, he said “Political new gets beaten like a dead horse. Instead I’d prefer to write about more National Geographic type topics such as nature, technology and science”. Max is clearly eager for the amount of freedom a writer in a journalism class receives.

While he has never written for an newspaper before but is keen on doing so this fall.

Max Boyd, Author

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