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Michael DiPietro
Michael DiPietro is a senior attending Hall High School in West Hartford, CT. Michael moved from Manchester, CT in third grade and started his West Hartford education at Whiting Lane Elementary. After three supremely successful years in elementary school, Mike took his talents to King Philip Middle School. Michael then dominated sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, quickly gaining the reputation as a witty, fun-loving young adult.

As a high-schooler, Mike values his education and constantly strives to improve his skills in the classroom. Mike is constantly challenging himself to earn the best possible grades to set up his future as an accountant. While his strong suit lies in mathematics, he pushes himself in English as well. As a member of HallRecord, Mike writes and publishes for Hall’s very own school newspaper. Mike finds journalism to be an engaging and exciting subject where he can express his personality in his work. While speaking on his decision to take journalism, Mike stated, “I think I bring a lot of positive energy to the class.”

The energy Mike brings to the classroom translates extremely well to Hall athletics, where he plays varsity hockey and lacrosse. Michael thrives in both sports, but his heart is with hockey, where he is a star on the Hall-Southington team. He hopes to continue in the future and is quoted as saying “I’m striving to fulfill my lifelong goal of playing college hockey.”

Michael DiPietro, Writer

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