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Nabeel Gulaid
Nabeel is a 17 year old senior who has lived in west Hartford his whole life. He has an 20 year old sister who he is close with. During his free time, Nabeel likes to hang out with his friends and play basketball. He states, “I believe i'm a funny guy who likes to make people laugh.”

In the future Nabeel wants to go into business. He wants to go into business because he likes money and he likes to talk. He decided to take journalism because, “I like to write and i’m very into media.” Some of Nabeel's strengths are that he is very good at vocalizing himself and that he is a good person.

When Nabeel is going through some tough times, he can always be distracted and cheered up with some jokes. Nabeel is inspired by his parents because they have set the expectations for him and made him the positive friendly person he is today.

Nabeel Gulaid, Author

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