Nicole Selig
Nicole “Coco” Selig is a 17 year old senior at Hall High School.  Nicole was born in West Hartford and has lived here all of her life with her parents, twin sister and older sisters.  In her free time Nicole likes to hang out with friends and is an active member of friendship circle. At Hall, Nicole has played field hockey and lacrosse since her freshman year and is apart of student government, when asked about her skills on the field she is quoted as saying, “I play field hockey and lacrosse, not very well, but I play them.”

Towards the end of junior year Nicole made the decision to take Journalism instead of Advanced 21st Literature because she felt it was important to keep up with current events and let the student body have access to what’s going on in and around the Hall.  Writing can be a relaxer and stress reliever for Nicole, she hopes that Journalism will help improve her writing skills along with sharpening her grammar.

Nicole Selig, Editor

Oct 11, 2019
A Not So Distorted Reality (Story)