Shayneshka Donado
Shayneshka Donado is a 17-year-old senior who goes to Hall High School. She is passionate about photography, is curious to know about the process of how papers are written, and is also interested in learning about international news. For example, Shayneshka would like to learn more about the news that’s “happening outside the U.S.” She would like to know more about events in other places far from the United States, like in Libya and South America. She believes that the United States tends to not mention news that is occurring in other countries.


Shayneshka states how she, “likes to read poetry books” and she loves to hang out with her dogs all day. After graduation, Shayneshka would like to major in psychology or join a medical program. Shayneshka mentioned how she is an “avid listener so accuracy and preciseness is key to me.” She also states how her vocabulary and strong English skills will help her to succeed in the class. Shayneshka is resourceful, organized and a hard worker.

What she forgot to mention was how she played softball for a few years and how she is a natural born leader. All the girls on the softball team looked up to her because she was a role model and she gave us guidance.

Shayneshka Donado, Writer

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