Sylvie Pidto
Sylvie Pidto is a 16-year-old senior at Hall High School. She's taking journalism in hopes of having a new, creative outlet to express her passion for writing. In her freetime Sylvie writes in a journal about her life. She describes writing as her “therapy” and “an emotional outlet.” Her writing has never before been published, but she looks forward for the opportunity to share her pieces with others.
Sylvie is native to West Hartford. She lives with her parents and older sister Maggie, who is now a sophomore in college. She has a very close relationship with her family and enjoys spending quality time with them. She is interested in local news. But wishes she was more educated on news on a global scale.
Sylvie is Hall High girls soccer varsity captain and practices about 13 hours a week. She states “I live and breathe soccer.” Her dedication to her sport is shown through the amount of time she spends working to better her soccer skills. In her freetime, she enjoys spending time with her friends and listening to music. Sylvie hopes to attend a large state school within the next year.

Sylvie Pidto, Writer

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