Zan Lima
As an aspiring journalist, Zan says that she has “always been passionate about writing.” She hopes to bring a new edge to this class. Filled with passion and professionalism  Zanela plans to use this class as a starting block for college, she would like to dive into exploring government, religion and  culture issues. As a former ESOL student, she’s as excited to bring awareness to those who don't know about this amazing program, as well as she is to “represent immigrants around the world.” Coming from Brazil, Zanela speaks Portuguese as her first language, English as her second, and Spanish as her third. When not writing, Zan enjoys hanging with friends, running, photographing and singing along to Freddie Mercury. Her overall goal for this class, and in life, is to “get humanity closer to each other.”

Zan Lima, Author

Oct 22, 2018
Commuting vs. On Campus Living (Story)