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Merilly Delgado, Editor

Merilly is a highly Motivated senior student at Hall High School who wants to make change by using encouraging, strong, and passionate words in writing. Many praise Delgado for her positive insights and advice to others who are not successful, as she hasn’t always been. When she was a Junior in high school, she was so behind that her credits technically made her a freshman until she turned her life around. She would like to write about the “ups and downs” in life and how to handle them, while also taking a look at problems in current events. 

Q: Who is someone you look at as an idol? 

A: To be honest, it would most likely be a relative. I would say someone like my mom or like someone close to me whom I look up to.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?  And what keeps you motivated to make it happen? 

A: I want to be a detective when I grow up, so, before I become a detective of course I have to be a police officer, and I have to go from there. Yeah I just want to be a detective, so that's pretty cool.

Q: What keeps you motivated to make it happen? 

A: To be honest, it's more like I have a pretty good rate of self advocating so I am good at keeping myself motivated enough to the point where I will get what I want. If I want something really bad, I will work, I will work so hard to get it, until I do it. I will keep working until I get it and I won't give up.

Q: When would you rather be outside?  During the day?  Or during the night? 

A: I would rather be outside during the night because I like looking at all the lights and I like driving at night time. I would prefer driving at night time rather than during the day because there is a lot of traffic. But mostly because it's more peaceful to drive at night, it feels more like a sweet ride.

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