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Adam Hanlon
Adam Hanlon, a 17 year old senior at Hall High School, was born in Whitingham, Vermont on February 28th, 2002. He has a medium size family, with his mom, dad, and his younger and older sisters. Adam joined journalism because he wanted to switch things up from the standard english class. After high school he plans on going to college somewhere in the Northeast. Adam thinks he might want to go into the engineering field, but is still contemplating it.  

Adam is a very avid runner he is the captain of the boys Cross Country team as well as Indoor Track. When I asked Adam why he joined the Cross Country and track teams he told me, “I started running just to get into shape, but once I started I fell in love with it.” he also works as a lifeguard at CornerStone pool in West Hartford. When I asked Adam what his favorite sports team was he told me he isn’t much of a sports guy, but if he had to choose his favorite sports team would be the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Adam Hanlon, Editor

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Adam Hanlon