The Outcasts Of Hall High School

Hall High School prides itself on community and awareness, but what happens when they don’t practice what they preach? Many kids are outcasted from their peers. The amount of students you’ll find sitting alone at lunch or sitting in the stairwell is astounding, but nothing is done to try and help these students, I’ve never seen a teacher reach out to one of these students, nor have I heard the faculty make any comments on the subject. However, many students choose to sit alone, but it is very clear when it isn’t a choice. As many of these students have been sitting alone for a long time, outcasted by their peers for trivial, nonsensical reasons, and while some of these students have done things to give themselves a reputation warranted by their position, it’s a small minority of the actual problem. As for what you can do to help this issue, pick your head up during lunch and look around for a moment, you’ll see them, go up to them, ask them how they’re doing, and maybe that small amount of kindness will give way to a new friend, and one less person sitting alone.