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Roger Francisco, the voice of the FitnessGram Tests (courtesy of Roger Francisco).

The FitnessGram Man

June 4, 2020

George Floyd: A Poem

Ingrid Gibson, Contributor

June 4, 2020

George Floyd Not in control, they said Awfully Drunk He begged, he pleaded “I can’t Breathe”  9 minutes, restrained, handcuffed gasping for air Another one down, Another one left to suffer   Caught for a counterf...

Music in Our Lives

Tessa Hache, Staff Writer

June 3, 2020

Music. It’s a part of almost everyone’s life. It can mean so much to different people in many different ways. Maybe it helps you focus. Maybe you use it to distract yourself. Maybe you imagine yourself in a movie or TV scene...

Here is Anabel Dease ‘22 making a TikTok in the middle of study hall. It seems she is doing the “renegade” dance.

TikTok Takeover

March 30, 2020

How Celebrity Endorsements Can Foster a Negative Body Image

Clara Sorkin

March 30, 2020

Whether it be a celebrity’s post on Instagram, a politician’s tweet on Twitter, or even a friend’s status update on Facebook, social media has a major influence on us. It’s easy to compare yourself to people you see thro...

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