2022-2023 Staff

Kelly Fransen reads the proudly reads the paper her club put together!

Kelly Fransen

I come to this website with over 20 years teaching experience. Journalism is my favorite class because it combines everything I love, including writing, reading, history, current events, and social activism. In the end, I hope...

Matheson Spillane

Matheson Spillane

Matheson Spillane, lacrosse captain and president of the Feminist Coalition, plans on writing about girls’ sports. Q: What are some of you interests? A: I love playing lacrosse. It’s a really great community and I like meeti...

First fish caught.

Michael Harrington

 Michael Harrington had one thing in mind when asked what he will do as a journalist: to advocate for change. Q: Why are you taking Journalism? A: I am taking Journalism because it gives you a wide range of a lot of subjects yo...

Checking out interesting architecture! :)

Amani C. Snellings

Amani has been writing for Hall Highlights since last year, when she joined as a freshman. Now she's a sophomore, and the new Arts and Culture Section Editor.  She's looking forward to writing about what's happening at school...

Visiting Burlington VT

Caroline Keating

Caroline Keating, an art enthusiast and loyal member of numerous clubs at Hall, elected this class to improve her writing skills and engage more effectively with her fellow students through writing that would bring light to many pre...

Hall v Conard track meet photo

Samantha Golas

Samantha Golas is passionate about many things, but is going to take the opportunity of journalism to speak on mental health, something she feels is misapprehended at Hall High School. Q: What are some things you like to do in your fr...

addy playing field hockey goalie

Addison O’Connell

Addison O'Connell is a 17 year old senior at Hall High school, passionate about field hockey, as the schools captain and goalie. She plans on addressing what really goes on within the walls of Hall High.  Q: What is something...

Editorials Editor

Maya Wolpaw

Maya Wolpaw is a Junior at Hall High School. She has written for the paper as a Staff Writer during her Sophomore year, and this year is Hall Highlight's Editorials Editor. Maya enjoys all things writing, reading and pretty much...

Clara Sorkin
News Section Editor

Clara Sorkin

Clara Sorkin is an avid writer and journalist. She loves reporting on current events and topics that Hall students can relate to.  When she's not writing , she's with friends, shopping, or baking. Being a member of the Hall Highlights...

Baylee Krulewitz
Editorial Section Editor

Baylee Krulewitz

Baylee Krulewitz is a Hall student who's very passionate about all things words! When she's not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends or shopping. She also considers herself an avid foodie. She can't wait to explore...

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