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2023-2024 Staff

Kelly Fransen reads the proudly reads the paper her club put together!

Kelly Fransen

I come to this website with over 20 years teaching experience. Journalism is my favorite class because it combines everything I love, including writing, reading, history, current events, and social activism. In the end, I hope...

Owen with big shoes.

Owen Campbell

Owen Campbell, an 18-year-old high school senior, has high hopes for success in animation. Driven by his passion and support from the family and friends that surround him, he wants to live a truly happy life with low struggles a...

Justin Joiner

Justin Joiner

Justin joiner is a student athlete as well as a dedicated journalist for the titan times at Hall High School. Q: what motivates you to write?  A: I’d say the  things i talk about; I mean just if you’re interested in a t...

Selfie of Sophia.

Sophia Rodrigues

Lede: Sophia is a senior at Hall High school, who enjoys being surrounded by her friends and family, and is a hardworking student.  Q: Why did you decide to take a Journalism class? A: I wanted to learn more about what t...

Amecca dribbles past the competition!

Amecca Freeman

Amecca Freeman is an 18 year old senior at Hall High School who cares about history, athletics, and ethics. He is a good student and is very committed to success academically and in life. He hopes to make a positive impact and...

Me going to Anime NYC in Misa Amane cosplay.

Zoe Schmidt

Zoe Schmidt, 17, a senior at Hall High School mainly spends her time playing video games, or spending time with friends. She hopes to focus on critical issues that deeply matter to her. Q: What are your hobbies and interests? A:...

This is me visiting New Haven.

Angelica Violani

Angelica Violani, a senior exchange student from Italy, finds comfort and excitement in the unfamiliar as she goes through her new community and embraces her passions. Q: What is your favorite hobby or activity outside of sch...

Noah McKenzie leaning on a wall.

Noah McKenzie

Noah McKenzie is a Hall High School Senior who always has a lot on his mind. He looks forward to using his life experiences and lessons to write about his passions. Q: Who has had the most influence on your life? A: I woul...

Dyanara as a 4 year old

Dyanara Santa

At just 17 years old Dyanara brings a rich latino cultural background to Hall Records and wishes to write about her experiences. She believes that Journalism class is the best way for her to accomplish her goal of amplifying diverse ...

Cooper Shooting a jumper in his basketball game.

Cooper Griffin

Cooper Griffin, a multi-sport student-athlete at Hall High School, is a dedicated writer who engages in the important aspects of journalism. Through his writing, he hopes to inspire others who don’t use their voice. What is...

Shawn Middleton playing soccer.

Shawn Middleton

Shawn Middleton, a soccer state champion and dedicated student, who wants to enhance his journalism skills by viewing different individuals perspectives and gain new writing techniques and experiences. Q: What inspired you to take Journalism? ...

Astrid Hughes

Astrid Hughes

Astrid Hughes is a driven student at Hall High School who is looking forward to informing the Hall community about the current events in the school and in the world.  Q: What are your main interests? A: Probably history and Pshy...

Benji Kosovskiy

Benji Kosovskiy

Benji Kosovskiy a West Hartford Connecticut Student of Hall High School who is also on the swim team strives for success, Interested in law and Computer programing, we can look forward to him sharing his experiences in swim and giv...

Owens attempt at big boot picture

Dylan Muskrat

Dylan Muskrat is a senior at Hall High School whose biggest hobby is cooking. He is looking forward to writing impactful news articles for the Titan Times and exploring the different perspectives of individuals at Hall. Q: W...

Mikey as a 4-year-old.

Mikey Birmingham

Mikey Birmingham, 17, is a student-athlete looking to expand his journalism skills by using his interesting perspective and diverse approach to find intriguing answers. Q:Was there any inspiration behind taking journalism? A:...

Kailo as a baby.

Kailo Lopez

Kailo Lopez, a senior at Hall High school is looking to expand his knowledge on journalism. By learning more he hopes to understand how to better use his voice to make a change.  Q:What made you want to take this class? ...

Hard at Work

Copeland Schlatter

Lede: Copeland Schlatter, a senior at Hall High School, hopes to develop new skills and gain new experiences outside the classroom. Q: Why did you decide to take this class? A: I thought it would be a good platform to explore...

Jack DeLoreto on Senior night holding flowers to give to his family.

Jack DeLoreto

Q: Why did you choose to do Journalism? A: I chose to take journalism because I think it would really help for college and any future assignments for college and it would help more for writing essays. Asking people question...

Hall student Sienna walking in Boston

Sienna Zitzkat

Lede: Sienna Zitzkat, a senior at Hall, is driven by endless determination. She hopes to make a difference at Hall through her writing.  Q: How would describe yourself? Like, as a person or a student? A: I would say I’m hard...

Me in the woods

Raphael Alfonso

Raphael Alfonso is Hall student and passionate human rights advocate. Raph joined HallRecord at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year with the intent to write about violations of human rights around the world. Question...

Picture of Bruno Da Silveira Santos against Conard High School durring the 2022-2023 school year

Bruno Da Silveira Santos

Bruno is a snappy dresser come game days, taking football and journalism seriously. Q:  How long have you been playing football? A:  I started about eight years ago, in sixth grade.  Over the years, I've played every...

Lana Anderson

Lana Anderson

Lana Anderson is ready to face the music and post permanently on HallRecord.    Q: Why did you decide to take journalism? A: Journalism revolves around you and what you like instead of what a curriculum requires. ...

Alina cosplaying as medieval raven for comicon.

Alina Lee

Alina Lee, an architectural lover and student, is interested in the world around us and the news today. In her free time she enjoys superhero movies, reading comics, and writing stories. Q: What do current events mean to you? A:...

Ary living her best life at school.

Aryanna Arter

Ary hopes to learn about her community and gain skills to grow her esthetician platform in Journalism class, as a senior at Hall. Q: Why did you choose to take journalism? A: I needed the credit but the class was interesting...

Adam Busi at the Grand Canyon

Adam Busi

Adam Busi Is an ambitious senior at hall with dreams of becoming a pilot, but he also hopes to make a difference with his perspective through his writing.   Q: What career do you dream about pursuing and can you actually ...

Jackson Ottani

Jackson Ottani

His mother being a big inspiration, Jackson hopes to tell unique and untold stories freely through the medium of journalism.   Q: Who is your biggest inspiration? A: My mom, because I know her story and I look up to her....


Will Dunbar

Will Dunbar: He’s after the truth in Journalism, focused on asking the hard questions and getting to the bottom of Dan Zittoun's bathroom troubles. Q: What is your approach to life? A: I try to go with the flow. Life i...

Me waiting in line for a concert

Mary Curley

Mary Curley, avid writer, wants to have meaningful conversations through journalism. She loves art, and english classes and by combining those two she’s excited to not only write but be interviewed on certain aspects of her life....

Natalie filming for the Hall football team.

Natalie Jopeck

For Natalie, taking this class was a must since wanting to get into journaling and interviewing as a career is an option for them. Even with a busy senior year schedule, they still make time for their hobbies, including photography...

Ahmed running in Hall vs Avon, NW Catholic - 10/3/2023

Ahmed Mahmoud

Ahmed Mahmoud is a cross-country runner who wants to explore his interests through journalism. Q: What topics do you plan on writing about? A: Probably something about sports or technology. Q: What do you plan on doing after...

Gabby and her heifer!

Gabby Deslauriers

Gabby Deslauriers, a student athlete, worker and volunteer at Westmoor Park, strives for equal rights and kindness for all. Q: What do you like to do outside of school? A: Outside of school, I work at Westmoor Park where I ra...

Harry Floating in the air at his old camp.

Harry Fingold

Harry Fingold, a senior athlete at Hall, is inspired by his mom to become the best and most successful person he can. Q: What are your favorite interests and hobbies? A: I love sports. I play hockey, golf, and lacrosse so I like those the...

me going to a birthday party

Sydney Johnson

Although she’s studying to be a lawyer, Sydney’s excited to express herself through fashion in this journalism class. Q: Why were you interested in taking journalism? A: I feel like journalism’s kinda interesting, it’s cool ...

Me getting a haircut

Charlie Sink

Charlie Sink, a fellow student at Hall, shares the path he would like to take in the future, and his strengths he will use and develop along the way. Q: What do you believe success is? A: I believe success is achieving you...

Ben Frey in the streets of Paris, standing normally in front of a Dacia Sandero

Benjamin Frey

Ben Frey  is an avid car enthusiast who joined Hall Record hoping to share his passion with the rest of rest of the Hall community.  Are you actively involved in the hall community? Sports or clubs? I would say so. I’m a ...

Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez is an athlete who is very eager to learn the many compontents of journalism. Q: Who inspires you? A: My grandfather because his work ethic is great, and I have never seen anyone with his type of work ethic, and...

This is me on spring vacation in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Talia Sortman

Talia Sortman, a passionate and well rounded student athlete, strives to pursue journalism her senior year in order to make a difference in the hall high school community What's your name and pronouns?  My name is Talia ...

this is a photo from a match at Connecticut freestyle and greco states at Platt high school in Meriden

Angel Acevedo

While Angel Acevedo likes wrestling and football, he loves the opportunity to write for Hall Record even more.   Q. What is your name and your pronouns? A. Angel Acevedo, and he/him Q. What topics interest you ...

Playing soccer with a smile!

Sally Kritzman

Sally Kritzman’s goal is to make a difference in the world, and Journalism is where she is starting. Q: Why did you choose to take Journalism? A: Most of the time, in other English classes, we’re writing about someone...

Raina and Phoenixs 17th birthday

Raina Procaccini

A senior high-school student with a passion to give opportunities to others with journalism. Q: What is one of your passions in life? A: I like to do digital art. It's kind of the thing that keeps me going a lot of the t...

Aarohi at her Gold Award Ceremony

Aarohi Tolat

Aarohi Tolat, a senior at Hall with passions ranging from space and genetics to the performing arts, is excited to contribute her knowledge and unique perspective in journalism. What do you like to do outside of school? O...

Chase Hanawalt looking in to recieve a sign from his catcher

Chase Hanawalt

Chase Hanawalt, with multiple sports consuming his days, takes his chances with journalism and learns how writing can impact a person’s perspective.  Q - What do you like to write about? A -When I was younger I really...

Enjoying a sunny day outside

Margaret Merrow

Margaret is a student that depicts herself as quiet, kindhearted and nurturing, yet there is so much about Margaret you don't know.  Q: What is the most important part of your life? A: I think the most important part o...

Jacob Richard at Elizabeth park for prom

Jacob Richard

Jacob Richard, a captain on the court, is looking forward to following in his father’s footsteps. Q: Why did you choose Journalism? A: My dad is head of communications at Marist with a degree in journalism.  He tells me...

Sofia on vacation in NYC

Sofia Ruffo

Sofia Ruffo, an observant and committed student-athlete at Hall High school, is excited to spread her ideas to Hall Record. Q:What are some things you do here at Hall?  A: At Hall, I play a sport all 3 seasons. In the fa...

Photo taken from Mount Lycabettus with a view of Athens.

Kyriakos Papasavas

Kyriakos Papasavas, a CJB trumpet player and Captain of the Boys Tennis Team, aspires to use his unique cultural identity and life experiences to contribute to the Hall Record. Q: What is a unique aspect about yourself? A: ...

Cody Barnett

Cody Barnett

Cody Barnett is a senior at Hall High school, who enjoys playing sports with friends. He is looking forward to furthering his knowledge in journalism. Q: What is your reasoning for taking this class? A: My reasoning for t...

Idris Salehi

Idris Salehi

Idris Salehi. A 17-year-old Hall High School student who loves the gym and found his passion for business school. He is motivated to pursue business in college and further his knowledge about the financial world through journal...

Yasmin one morning at Elizabeth Park.

Yasmin Saez de Freitas

Yasmin is an 18-year-old senior at Hall High School who is deeply motivated to help others and exhibits a strong dedication to her future. Q: Why did you join journalism?  A: When I was a child I used to do articles about things...

In the Gym

Jared St. Arromand

Jared St. Arromand a student from west hartford connecticut, attends hall high school. Jared enjoys music because it puts him in the moment so that he can focus on what needs to be done. Jared shares his love for music by playing t...

Owen running back to the sideline after his team scored a touchdown

Owen Puello

Owen Puello is a football and track athlete here at Hall High School, often found in the weights room after school. He also enjoys writing, especially artistically. Q: What do you want to write about for the Journal?  A: M...

Colin McGann

Colin McGann

Colin McGann, a multifaceted student athlete at Hall, who aims to broaden his writing prowess outside of the norms in a regular english class. He hopes to get a better understanding of the biases across the news spectrum.  ...

Owen Ludgin pitching

Owen Ludgin

Owen Ludgin, 17, is a prominent figure within the Hall community, not only as a student, but as an athlete. He is looking to enhance his knowledge on journalism and its ability to make change for the better. Q: What differen...

me & grandmama.

kayshawn savage.

Kayshawn Savage  isn’t just the best at singing and dancing in the school, he also plans to be the best journalist.   What are your hobbies?  I like to dance in my free time and I also like to write music and poet...

Jane hiking in Ein Gedi, Israel

Jane Hoberman

Jane Hoberman, a hardworking senior at Hall, loves spending time with friends and is interested in journalism to strengthen the community. Q: How do you feel about journalism? A: I feel like journalism is important so people...

Me going to a fair

Daniel Cattelan

Daniel Cattelan is a person who enjoys watching movies and TV shows which, he plans to write about. Q: Why did you pick this class? A: I looked at the slideshows that they were showing us at the end of the year, and I thought...

Liv in Cape Cod on vacation!

Olivia Wollner

Olivia Wollner, student athlete and teaching assistant, is excited to indulge in the world of news in order to learn more about Journalism, and make news a bigger part of her life. Q: Where do you get most of your news from? ...

Me, Irene Fotache, getting ready to go out

Irene Fotache

Irene, a student, is a creative and fun person who is excited about her future and hopes to continue being outgoing in college. Q: What is a writing piece that you are most proud of and why? A: Honestly, I'm most proud of ...

Kinsey on Monhegan Island in Maine.

Kinsey Wilson

Motivated by her zest for adventure, Kinsey hopes to tell new and unique multimedia stories in Journalism. Q: Who is someone that inspires you? A: Among many other people, I would say my older brother inspires me. He’...

Dayna taking her senior photos!

Dayna Hanson

Dayna Hanson, a sports enthusiast driven by family and determination, is looking to expand her knowledge of the news by exploring how it affects us, no matter where in the world it comes from. Q: Why do you think journalis...

Me playing soccer.

Patrick Liddell

Interested in a variety of topics - spanning history to sports to business - Patrick is excited to contribute his unique perspective to Hall Record. What are your favorite subjects at school? I think this year, My favor...

Caleb and the Balto Statue in Central Park

Caleb Salomons

 Caleb Salomons (he/him) is a student who originally took this class because he had to, but unknowingly he grew to like it; he hopes to write about problems happening right now  in the world, in the hope of bringing more atten...

Josh at Mamas Fish House in Hawaii.

Josh Horenstein

Josh Horenstein is a student-athlete who is here to voice his opinion and share the interesting things he has to say. Q. What is your name and your pronouns? A. My name is Josh Horenstein and I use he/him pronouns. Q. W...

This is a photo of me and my dog from prom.

Julia Zydanowicz

Julia Zydanowicz, a lively and compassionate member of the Hall community, is looking forward to informing others about current events through Journalism. What clubs or activities do you participate in here at Hall? I’m...

Brady Xue

Brady Xue

Brady Xue is a cross country runner at Hall who hopes to find a similar passion for journalism.   Q: What was it about journalism that intrigued you? A: I think journalism is an interesting class to take, because it’s u...

At a pier in South Carolina.

Ava Kobelski

Ava Kobelski, a driven student and athlete, is eager to inform others through journalism and about topics she is passionate about.  Q: What are your goals?  A: My goal right now is getting into a good college, it's become my whole focus. I'...

Jonas working hard in class.

Jonas Otte

Jonas Otte, a member of the West Hartford community, a student at Hall High School and a new journalist ready to educate people about what is going on around them through his work at the Titan Times. Q:What made you want to join the class? A:I think...

Bode Smith

Bode Smith

Bode Smith, Interested in learning the real meaning behind journalism and how it can affect people around the community. Q: What's your name? A: My names Bode Smith  Q: What are your favorite hobbies?  A: I enjoy pla...

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