2017-2018 Staff

Jacqueline McConnell


Jacqueline is the current Editor-in-Chief of Hall's student newspaper, Hall Highlights. This year the paper merged with Hall's journalism class to create Hall Record. Jacqueline has been writing for this publication for thre...

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Nina Faynshtayn

Arts and Reviews Editor

Nina Faynshtayn is an activist, writer, and self-proclaimed politico. She dedicates her time to writing about a wide range of topics and genres including international policy, activism, arts, physical sciences, and poetry. Her...

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Maya Varney`


Maya is a 17 year old senior at Hall High School. She is a passionate writer who's hobbies include cooking, hang out with friends/family, and being the vice president of Voices of The Other. As a vegan, she is ardent about promoting...

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Journalism is a voice for people that may shy away from hard events in the world. Taking journalism will get different voice across with their point view. This class could open up people minds and eyes about different places in...

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Brianna Le


Brianna Le is the oldest of  two. Her sister's name is Julie, and they both attend Hall High School. Brianna is 16 years old; her birthday is October 16. Her hobbies include doing makeup and cheer. She is hopefully attending...

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Money Mike


Michael better known as "Cool Hands" is a senior that attends Hall. Who's from Hartford but currently lives in West Hartford. He has been playing basketball since he was six years old. Journalism to him has always been appealing...

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Rakayla Mckain


Rakayla is the oldest of three. She was born on September 12th, 2000. Her brother, Kamrim, has the same birthday as her, but he's a year younger. She also has a twelve-year old sister. When she was two years old, her mom passed a...

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Abdiel Singleton


I believe Journalism is information related to a situation or event that has taken place recently or in the past. I choose to take Journalism to provide an opportunity to challenge myself in hope that i will soon become a better...

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Brianna Castillo


I'm a huge fan of those dramatic stories, you know the ones where the woman is at the airport ready to leave the country and the man comes to confess his love, there's tears and kissing, love that stuff. I want to be the one that...

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Owen Denton


I am a senior at Hall that doesn't have any journalism experience, but i'm here to start learning about it. I have never been a good writer, but hopefully by the end of this class I will have improved. I work at A.C. Petersen...

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Livvie P. Prestley


Livvie is a senior at Hall High School. She was adopted from Ukraine when she was a little girl and is currently living in West Hartford. She has been a cheerleader since freshman year. Journalism to her is a way of communication...

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Sam Chmielewski


When my family first moved too West Hartford, back when i was 6 years old, I used to write short stories to let me forget about my past friends in my old town. Today i don't write as much but i always look back at those stories...

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Noah Silverman

Student Writer

Journalism is the process of writing, typically for newspapers, magazines, online companies, or any other organization that involves the publishing of a writing piece. I decided to take Journalism this year because I was hoping...

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Matt Dunlap


I am a senior at Hall, and this is my first experience doing any sort of journalism. I decided to take journalism because I wanted a different style of English class than what I've taken my past three years.  To me, journalism...

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Jacob Schneider

Senior Writer

When I first heard about journalism, I realized it was different from traditional English courses I have taken. I was excited to hear that I would be passionately writing articles about topics that interest me instead of traditional...

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Will Carpenter


Will is a senior at Hall with limited experience surrounding journalism. He hopes to bring a creative writing style to the Hall Record, writing about various things. Will is a member of the Hall hockey and tennis teams, so enjoys...

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Kevin A. Vazquez


Kevin A. Vazquez is a 17 year old senior at Hall High school in West Hartford, Connecticut. Journalism is the writing and publishing of current events in media. Kevin seeks to explore the community in search of current events...

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Luc Anis


Luc is a senior at Hall High School. He is active, sporty and enjoys traveling and outdoor photography. He sees journalism as a great way to further his informative writing skills and have a meaningful impact on those around him....

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Andrew Nicklas


I am a senior at Hall who believes that journalism is researching and recording events in order to educate an audience about events that you deem important, through writing or other mediums. I am taking journalism in an effort...

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Andrew Marchesi


Journalism is defined as the process of writing about different topics that concern different kind of people with your own opinions. As a journalism student I think that journalism is a good way to develop your writing skills, and ...

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Senior at Hall Highschool, Libero for Hall Volleyball and graduate of Boys State 2017. I enjoy mythology, psychology, sociology, and history.  I'm a believer of free speech and I believe journalism is a form of telling events...

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Sophie Finn-McMahon

Writer and Photographer

I am a senior here at Hall High School who has a fascination with journalism. My fascination with journalism began in 9th grade when my English class did a unit on photojournalism. I became even more intrigued by it due to this...

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Josh Onyirimba


I think that journalism is people using their voices to research and discuss topics that they are interested in. With that being said, I am taking journalism because of my interest in sports, politics, and current events. My greatest...

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Hannah Baxer


Hannah joins the Hall Record with a passion for writing as well as other activities at Hall. With an interest in running sports, politics, and social media, she brings lots of interesting topics to the "table". She enjoys going...

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Willem Landis

Senior Reporter

Willem Landis joins the Hall Record team with twelve years of writing experience. Looking to major in Political Science, Willem mostly enjoys writing about big picture topics. He's looking forward to trying a new style of writing...

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James Cameron Matino is a Senior at Hall and works as a busser at the Ocho Cafe. He is a writer that delivers the facts and the truth, whether people like it or not. Cameron works to create apolitical and non-biased articles pertaining...

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Michael Zhou


I am a senior that goes to Hall. I believe journalism is a powerful way to express one's thoughts and views about current world wide problems. Being a very quiet and nonverbal person, I find that writing is a much easier and...

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Minjae Kim


My name is Minjae Kim and I'm currently taking Journalism. Journalism is researching, asking questions in person then writing down your ideas and thoughts so other people can see. I'm taking journalism so that I can have my opinion...

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Nia Braccidiferro


Nia is a sixteen year old senior at Hall High School. She decided to take journalism because she wants to go into the field after college. Her greatest hope is to show open mindedness through her work. She has lived in West Hartford...

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Brendan Moore


He feels that journalism is your written interpretation of an event. He took the class because it seemed very interesting to him. His hope is to become a better writer through this process. He plays hockey for Hall-Southington,...

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Michael Farley

Chief Executive Officer

My definition of journalism- The process of research, writing, and publication in the interest of spreading information for the public good. I am taking journalism because journalists perform a public service. Journalists act...

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Bryan Albee


Bryan is seventeen years of age and currently attends Hall High School as a senior. He has lived in the town of West Hartford his whole life. He shares a home with his parents and three siblings. He has participated in Track and...

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Jack Hosey


  Jack is a Senior at Hall. He's laid back, easy-going, and loves long walks on the beach, but really, he just wants to to have a good time. There is NO such thing as a typical Friday night for him. The most important...

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Isabelle Amato


Isabelle is a senior at Hall who has multiple friends who took Journalism and recommended the class. While here, she hopes to complete thorough research and interview her peers in order to become a strong journalist. This means...

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Colin Kuzia


Journalism to me is the process of sharing information with others by articles, stories and broadcasts. I took this this class to strengthen my writing skills as well as learning more about journalistic writing and how it is used....

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Griffin Smith


Journalism is writing for news, magazines, and broadcasts, as well as preparing for news to be broadcasted. I am taking this class to add another type of writing to my pallet, in order to make me a more versatile writer. My greatest...

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Carlos Moore


Carlos currently lives in West Hartford Connecticut. He is a senior at Hall. He loves to hike and hang out with his friends. He spends almost all of his summer working at a camp in Torrington CT. Carlos lifeguards and helps teach...

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Emma Henderson


Journalism is the process of conveying ideas and information into a writing piece. I am taking the course to improve my writing skills and to switch up from the average English course. Throughout the semester I hope to become...

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Hannah O'Connell


Hannah is a 16 year old senior at Hall. Some of her many interests include swimming, running, hiking, and spending time with her friends and family. She believes a journalists job is to inform the public about the truths, and...

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Nick DeMichele


Nick is a senior at Hall who doesn't have much experience in journalism but he hopes to bring in stories from beyond the walls of Hall. Nick works at Ben and Jerrys, AC Petersons, the Hartford Stage, and he's got an internship...

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Noah Fox


Noah is a senior at Hall who comes into this class wanting to write articles, in addition to having people read his work. He believes journalism is imperative to a free society, and feels it is interesting that Hall allows its...

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Kelly Fransen


I come to this website with over 20 years teaching experience. Journalism is my favorite class because it combines everything I love, including writing, reading, history, current events, and social activism. In the end, I hope...

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