Cosmic Tingles ASMR

May 22, 2019

Two Peas in a Podcast

May 21, 2019


Mariana Betancourt and Sarah Tangarife

March 28, 2019

The photos that we are sharing represent how important a friendship can be and how sticking together can push you to become a better person. Growing up together has made us become better individuals. We have always stuck t...


Mac Mahoney, Writer/Photographer

March 27, 2019

With these photographs I wanted to convey the power of the individual. They were taken at Travis Scott’s concert in Hartford, CT where he had complete control over the crowd. Being there was surreal, and his ability to c...

Spontaneous with the Bros

Andrew Skwiot, Photojournalist

March 15, 2019

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  Author Henry James took these words right out of my mouth.  These pictures all show moments that...

Weathers impact

Nabeel, Photo journalist

March 15, 2019

These pictures show how the world is a beautiful sight at different aspects. In this three pictures you can see how different life looks and how the message is different in all these pictures. In one picture you can see t...

Capturing Meal Moments

Miller Anderson and Blake Morin

March 15, 2019

Our photos demonstrate a story that is not easy to identify at first sight, but holds a deeper meaning once understood. In today’s world, phones are always on us. No matter how old you are, chances are you have a phone o...

Nature’s love

David Rothstein and Stone Reid

March 15, 2019

Our generation is very controversial when it comes to nature. Previous generations say that we are always stuck in a virtual world, although a lot of us are still able to enjoy nature. We actually take nature for granted, th...

Strife of the Animals

Franklin Robinson and Joe Stern

March 15, 2019

  Our pictures represent nature and the environment around us. Our photos emphasize animals in their natural environments, and the environments themselves. We think that it is important to be able to appreciate the an...

Beyond The Horizon

Ava Morin, Author

March 15, 2019

  These photos were taken in Burlington, Vermont on Lake Champlain. This was my first time in Burlington, and one of the most memorable experiences I had there was walking on the frozen lake. I attempted to incorporate th...