Just Be Yourself

Just Be Yourself

Have you ever wanted to feel free? Most high school students find it difficult to be themselves. Teenagers want to fit in and want people to like them. High schoolers find it difficult showing off their talents and uniqueness.  

High school students who are graduating need to know one thing before they take the next step to college: Being yourself is the most beautiful thing. Why pretend to be something you’re not, because you might end up taking a path that leads to a place where you don’t fit in and may end up feeling disappointed in yourself.  “Being Yourself is Enough to Succeed” is an article by Kosta Petrov. who says high schoolers should focus on themselves for order to become successful.  

Teenagers sometimes say things just to impress people – saying what they think others want to hear, but if they’re not being themselves everything becomes a lie . “We are in the Age of Authenticity, where ‘be yourself’ is the defining advice in life, love and career,” said Adam Grate.  Too often children feel like they are forced to say they are going to college or that they want to be a doctor when they grow up because people won’t respect their real decisions.  What’s important is for people to be themselves now because that’s how we have a successful future.  

I bet right now any young person reading this isn’t buying what I’m selling.  Even Grate thinks that Oprah is the only person who can really be herself.  Society forces us to follow predictable patterns.  Kids feel like being themselves is a mistake.  “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Work tirelessly on creating your own best version. Create your own definition for success. This is your life. Your story. Make it a good one! And remember, sometimes being your true self is more than enough to succeed,” said Petrov. We need to be reminded of how important it is to be ourselves. High school students are afraid to take the risk to be themselves but that’s really the only way to find your “O-moment.”

If you want to show off your personality, then I dare you to be yourself. Many teenagers have asked, “Who am I ?’’ many times.  Wonder who they are. Many think that expressing  their feelings might lead them to reality and they would not be able to live in their fantasy worlds anymore;  however if  having the chance to come out and share your identity and  talent with the world, then take the risk. If teenagers keep trying to be someone else it will take them longer to become the person they are destined to be.