Laughing Out Loud With the Answer

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Laughing Out Loud With the Answer

Arman Chowdhury, Arts and Reviews Writer

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On January 26, the Answer, Hall’s improv comedy troupe, held their second show of the year.  That Friday also marked the end of midterm week, so the show was a great way to kick back.  I arrived at the black box Friday night, presenting a mere dollar bill to gain admission.

The black box was packed.  All the seats were taken and people were spilling onto the floor.  I found a few of my friends sitting together, who had fortunately managed to get ahold of seats.  One of them graciously offered me half of his chair.

What ensued was a raucous night of glee and hilarity which included the following: satirical local news, longtime skiing rivals, and scandals. The show kicked off with a skit and then succeeded through improv games with the cast, where the players are put in a certain context and make up the scene as they go.

I can be a harsh critic when it comes to comedy, but I was laughing through the whole show. In addition to amusing me the entire night, the Answer impressed me.  The show far exceeded my expectations.  The group has some incredibly talented comedians this year.  I was amazed by the creativity of the group, and their ability to create stories while they’re in them, making hilarious scenes on the spot, and sometimes multiple ongoing ones.  Watching this creative talent right in front of me, coming from my peers that I see every day, was an amazing experience.

The show ended memorably with a game the Answer had never done before, where two members were given trash bags to protect their clothes and blindfolded; and then did a scene while trying their best to ignore their fellow members throwing Jello at them, dousing them in water, or prodding them with sticks.

It was a great night. The show had talented performers, as well as a great atmosphere.  Students from around town showed up, as well as many adults.  The house was beyond full and the lively audience’s enjoyment was clear.  The proximity of the performance and audience created a unique energy; and as a whole, it was an uplifting experience.

The next time you hear about an Answer show coming up, I’d recommend swinging by.