Technologies excessive use in “exciting” moments

Ryan Druckenmiller, Writer

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With these photographs, I wanted to deliver the idea of this generation’s abnormal/unnecessary use of technology in “exciting” situations. With the first photo, I wanted to capture the very unfortunate commonality of our generations habit of having to always record a fight between people. It takes the perspective right behind the camera man in this incident because usually fights are crowded and the people recording are always taking a jump at the front. I also thought it would be best to get an in action shot because a lot of the emotion and reaction in these incidents are obviously heightened when the physical contact occurs. The second photo is supposed to demonstrate many people’s urge to document highlighted video game moments, whether it’s taking the footage as is or posting it on social media as well. Game recording has become a very popular subject with this generation and others over the past decade, many teenage and adult social media accounts specifically focus on the highlights of their gaming abilities and nothing else. The last picture which might be one of the most representative, stresses the moral responsibility a lot of people have to take pictures with or of their food. This is a personal favorite because this phenomenon takes up a large portion of today’s social media feed, mostly due to its entertaining and “living large” appeal. I attempted to avoid busy backgrounds in all of these, especially the third, to create more of an overall sense of focus on the subjects and what they’re doing. I tried my best to fill the frame with all of them as well, and I particularly utilized leading lines in photos like the first to narrow in on the action taking place.