Too Much Technology

Lily Braidich, Writer

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These photos effectively portray our generation because they convey how technology plays a big part in shaping our lives. We are constantly connected whether it’s through text, social media, or even in the classroom, which changes the way we communicate and interact with one another. Our generation is known to be the least active due to a lot of teens who tend to isolate themselves. Not many people realize that a lot of our problems arise from the constant use of our phones, such as depression or social anxiety.


The first photo here shows how this girl is in a corner on her cell phone because she is bored and would rather be on the internet than doing anything else. The second one shows a girl in the right third of the photo on her phone, with a bunch of people in the background. As you can see, she is not willing to engage in a conversation like everyone else, and would rather be alone on her phone. Lastly, the last image shows a few kids hanging out, but instead of them actually spending time with each other they are spending time on their phones.


Although technology has contributed a lot of great things in our society, it has created a lot of negative issues that we don’t even realize. In conclusion, each of these photos demonstrates how caught up our generation is with technology, and how we would rather engage in our phones than with other people.