Is “Marvel’s The Black Panther” the most important movie of the year?

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The Black Panther movie was one for the ages. Not only because of box office sales, but because, for many African Americans, the Black Panther movie made them feel as powerful as Prince T’Chala. The Black Panther, a Marvel movie which meant a lot more than just a superhero movie to many people in the black community which exceeded the expectations of many.

African Americans believed that The Black Panther movie was made for them. With an almost all black cast it seemed as if Marvel was setting the tone for black filming. When the movie first came out it was the most box office sales for a Marvel movie in Marvel history. This is because in many communities, schools brought many kids to see the movie to show how the movie showed black excellence and how it empowered African American people.

The Black Panther was about a young king named T’Chala is taking over the throne in his country of Wokanda. He is taking over the throne because of his father’s death. In the movie T’Chala is faced with many different task that threaten the throne but in the end he shows to be the most fit for the throne. All this in the film shows how strong he is and also shows how strong an African country can be. The way the movie shows how strong not only him, but how strong the country can be made many African American feel like Marvel finally took an oppertunity to show not only Africa but the African American communities respect. In many previous Marvel films almost all of the main characters are white. The Black Panther is one of the first all black cast that Marvel has had in a movie and it feels great for the black community to have “one of their own.”

The question that many people have now is, will Marvel make another Black Panther or another movie that has an African American in the spotlight? Hopefully Marvel will, because it means a lot to some people that they have a superhero they can relate to. Also another movie will most likely bring in a lot of revenue to the Marvel franchise because of how popular a movie like the Black Panther showed to be.