A Professional Image

On the corner of Sisson Ave  and Gray St there lies a barbershop. This is where four professionals conduct their craft, barberry. Koko, can be seen cutting the hair of Austin Spurs player Amidah Brimah before he returns to Austin for a game.

Koko is a 45 year-old barber from Connecticut, he’s also my father. He’s been cutting hair since he was fifteen, “Screwing up his cousins hair for practice.” He’d then go on to earn his cosmetology licence eventually coming to work in the Pro Image Barber shop. “No days off” is his motto, and has been since he started, his work reflecting this statement. 

World music blasting, he stands in the right back corner. Day in, day out on his feet Koko, has a cornucopia of diverse customers that come into his chair. Caring for the customer, being their confidant and friend while also serving them an impeccable fade. From observing the barbers work I can sense the unspoken bond between each customer and their barber. However,  there’s rarely a dull moment as the Pro Image Barbershop as they’ve just gotten new speakers, the men whaling along to the songs as they go about their business.

 When asked why barberry Koko said “I’ve traveled the world of nothin’ but haircuts. Bringing my son to Hawaii was a(n) achievement, for him to see what hard work gets you.” Having grown up in the shop, I’ve seen first hand the level of hard work Kok’ puts into his craft. Going as far as to attend expos, take classes to further research his profession, understanding that he has yet to grasp the full scope of barberry; from the trending European styles to the correct way to ‘sculpt’ a beard there are many avenues to explore in the quest to be a better barber.