Buddha and His Beautiful Lotus

Julianna Le, Photo Journalist


In these photos, I captured a necklace, a lotus flower, and  a statue of Buddha , all of which hold important value to me because they capture the beauty and essence of the Buddhist religion. The necklace indicates the commitment to following the ideals of the Four Noble Truths and the avoidance of self indulgence. The throne she sits on, on the necklace, and in the second image reminds us that even at one’s lowest points in life, something beautiful can arise and change one’s outcome, like the blossoming of a lotus flower, from a seed growing in deep mud to a beautiful flower that is praised deeply in many different cultures.  The lotus flower is also a symbol of enlightenment and purity, which connects to the Buddhist religion because those are some of the main ideas and practices within this religion, or way of life. Like all living things, the beauty the lotus holds will die, which shows the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. In the last photo, I captured my household statue of the important figure which is set up to look directly out of the front entrance of the home. This Buddha faces the front, to help bring blessings and good fortune into the home. He also protects the house occupants by repealing any evil and or negative forces from entering the living space. The statue sits on a high shelf to prevent breaking, which is considered bad luck and could possibly prevent progressing prosperity. He also is placed high to show his status, value, and influence to those living in my home and to those who also follow his teachings and practice. In this sacred space, in which is devoted to him, we also perform certain forms of prayer and meditation by lighting incense and placing them in front of the statue, letting them burn, sending the pleasant aroma throughout the house. In certain times of the year, we also pray that our ancestors are living well in their after life and can continue living in peace.