The Journey

Harrison Margolis, Writer

High School students nowadays experience lots of obstacles and bumps in the road. High School has one of the hardest points of our lives. We are deciding what we want to do with our lives while also trying to get into schools, keep grades up and for most also play a sport and compete. The encounters we have and the obstacles we overcome mold us into the person we are in life.

 In The picture above my team was coming out to a game at half time down by 13 on our first home game. In sports you are always told that you have to put forth all of your effort if you truly want to achieve your goal. I learned that in life not everything comes easy and there is always someone who is more talented than you whether that’s in school or in sports or at work someone is always better than you. The way you combat talent is by working hard and putting forth effort you can out work someone who is better than you.  Most highschool students encounter something that requires them to put forth effort and work hard for a task.


 For me it was my highschool football career specifically the position I played and how I was too small. I had to work hard to get stronger and faster and learn my strengths and learn how to play with my strengths. It was this obstacle that taught me that hard work does pay off and is worth it in the end. For me it was earning my starting spot, winning the bat(defensive player) of the week 3 times, making all conference, and placing second in a lifting competition where I lifted against some of the best schools in the state. High School is a chance to develop and mold who we are and what we become