Stressful Decisions

Andrew Coronel, photojournalist

Senior year can be a stressful time for students. This collection of photos attempts to showcase what it looks like to make such a life changing decision in a short amount of time. We as students have been strongly conditioned by a lot of adults in our lives to quickly find a subject we are interested in to be able to go to college for it right after high school. Even though a lot of the elite colleges we are made to strive for would cost us a fortune compared to going to a less elite school while getting similar education.
The first picture shows the amount of options colleges shove down our throats which brings a lot of uneasiness and panic when there are so many options. The second shows the financial aspect that college brings to most students who won’t be able to afford college without taking out multiple loans and putting themselves in debt. Finally the third photo shows a student sleeping late at night on top of all the college ads trying to figure out which he wants to go to based on their pros and cons.