College Visits and How Covid is effecting it

Lola Smith and Gabby Rego


During these tough times, the class of 2021 has to do all of the college requirements this year because the isolation due to the Corona Virus. Now the seniors have to decide where they want to go, visit the school, and do all of the college requirements because of the loss of Junior Planning.  Students that wanted to play a sport in college lost their season and the coaches  weren’t able to recruit. At the college, the teams had to play in different coharts when practicing. Players and coaches also had to wear masks the whole practice. While not playing with physical contact, players were making the best with what they are given. When walking around the school, there were tents in the fields where we sat 6 feet apart with our masks on. The tents were set up outside because the only room they have to do interviews in was a small room that wouldn’t fit all of us social distancing. After the interview, we walked to a few building but could only could picture the inside. Most building were closed to the public or had a limit on who could go in. When walking into one of the few building that we’re open, we were stopped by a big red circle saying do not enter. There were certain hallways that we could go down and others were blocked off or meant for people going to opposite direction. These regulations are new to all of us but we have to learn how to follow the rules so that our year can hopefully go back to normal. Our plans for the future are still very unpredictable.