The stress of Hybrid 2.0

Hunter Keena and Jake Beaudoin


The Stress of Hybrid 2.0

Never before has stress played a bigger part in all of our lives when covid 19 occurred.  Hybrid 2.0 is a way of making half the school attend school 1 week and the next week is the other group. This makes students wake up at different times every week messing with their sleep schedule and confusing the students.  Students struggle with it since they have to switch on and off from online to in person. Teachers are struggling with this as well since they have to do both with students online and in school.  The live streaming makes it so only one group gets attention at a time, and the teachers usually miss questions from online kids because they are busy with the in-school kids.  Stress affects everybody from teachers to students; When asked if hybrid 2.0 would cause stress, Ellen, a junior at hall high school states, “I don’t like coming into school for only one week just to spend the next week out of school. It breaks up my routine and it’s hard getting readjusted to a new schedule every other week.”  From teachers to students, even though they share mixed opinions about all of this one thing that they have in common is that it’s unfortunate.  Many students liked the old schedule better because it was shorter classes and it allowed students to wake up latrine the day for online classes.  But some students think the new schedule is better.  A senior at hall, Cayden Goldberg, states, “I like the 2.0 schedule better.  I have first and second free on A/C days, so I wake up much later and I have plenty of time to do my homework.”  Some people have a negative opinion and some people have a positive opinion.  We think it is dependent on the schedule you are given.  Now People are feeling stressed and confused about all of this and it is tough for most. In the end Hybrid 2.0 is stressful in many students eyes and it does not help them learn as well.