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Adam Hanlon

September 27, 2019

Adam Hanlon, a 17 year old senior at Hall High School, was born in Whitingham, Vermont on February 28th, 2002. He has a medium size family, with his mom, dad, and his younger and older sisters. Adam joined journalism because ...

Patrick Mcgann

September 24, 2019

Patrick Mcgann, a 17 year old raised in West Hartford, is a “kind, and passionate person who cares a lot about people.” His comfort place is on the field and in turn, sports are a big part of his identity as he plays Football and Basketball...

Max Kershen

September 24, 2019

Max Kershen is a 17-year-old senior at Hall High School.  He was born in Houston, Texas on June 18th, 2002. After one year, he and his family moved to Vermont and then in 5th grade, they moved to West Hartford, Connecticut....

The End of The World

The End of The World

April 30, 2019

Stop and Shopocalypse

Stop and Shopocalypse

April 26, 2019

Athletes: Are They Overpaid for Bringing In All the Money?

David Rothstein, Franklin Robinson, and Nabeel Gulaid

March 29, 2019

Mike Trout's $430 million contract makes him the richest athlete in North America, continuing the debate over whether or not athletes are being overpaid. After agreeing to the largest contract in American sports history, Trout...

Good Eats, Great Bevs

Bryant Duong, Photographer/Writer

March 28, 2019

Food can invoke a plethora of emotions in people. After hours of not eating, you feel relieved. After eating a great meal, you feel joy. After spending money on a terrible plate, you feel depressed. For myself, food is always something to look forward to. There is an excitement to searching for a great restau...


Cole Connelly

March 15, 2019

The purpose of all three of these photos represent freedom. Giving the option to travel hundreds of miles away home is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some people. Taking every moment to soak in the magnificent scenery may be the...


March 7, 2019


Hall Boys Basketball, 2018-19 Season

Nolan Tibball, Matt Keeley, and Cole Connelly

March 5, 2019

The Hall Warriors Boys Basketball team is poised to make a CIAC state playoff run, starting with a home playoff game against Staples High School on March 5th. The team's outstanding performance thus far has come under the direction of their coach, ...