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Beyond The First Glance

Michael Rossler, Author

September 24, 2018

Generation Z, iGen, Gen Tech; these are a few of the names given to our generation.  Alongside these names exist a multitude of misconceptions about us. Some are simple misunderstandings, however, many are myths perpetuated as t...

Gen Z Represents the New Era of Exploring

Yoav Raichelson, Writer

September 24, 2018

    My current generation is viewed as one that spends all our time using modern technology such as phones, laptops, and more. Adults think that kids are always on social media without getting off the couch, which is not tru...

Older Generations Are Wrong About Gen Z

Elias Heinen, Writer

September 24, 2018

      My generation, Generation Z, has grown up with technology and it has led to many stereotypes like kids don’t do anything but watch TV and play video games. Kids are addicted to their phones; a...

Malle Intellectis

Bryan Renker, Writer

September 24, 2018

               When it comes to teenagers, stereotyping is nothing new. Since older generations struggle adapting to new ways of life, they ridicule what they cannot understand. To them, the way we live our liv...

Gen Z Unmasked

Jack McHale

September 24, 2018

These photos were taken with the intent to argue certain stereotypes about kids in my generation. Some people (in my opinion) believe high school students are rude, inconsiderate and spending all their time buried in technolog...

Generation Z: The Generation of Change

Max Boyd

September 24, 2018

             One of the biggest stereotypes of Generation Z is that we are inseparable from technology, specifically phones and social media.  In the mainstream media, story after story is produced revolving around a ...

Generation Z: Transnational Generation

Joseph Dowd, Author

September 24, 2018

A stereotype that exists about Generation Z is that they are lazy and don't help out in the community. The media portrays teenagers as sluggish kids who have no desire to be productive or know how to work hard.  The first pictu...

Defying Stereotypes

Zach Ellovich

September 24, 2018

These three photos represent the people of our generation hard at work. Millennials and Generation Y see our generation as lazy teenagers who only want to party. Those people also see our generation as only influenced by technolog...

Fighting the Stereotype

Daidrien Ramos, Journalist

September 24, 2018

Our generation is looked at as the iGen which just says within itself that we are extremely attached to not only our phones but technology as a whole. But in many cases we have shown that we can pull ourselves away from our de...

Daidrien Ramos

Daidrien Ramos

September 11, 2018

Jorge Ponton Benitez

Jorge Ponton Benitez

March 12, 2018