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Samuel Bastos, Editor

Sam Bastos is a 17 year old aspiring journalist who is very interested in what being a journalist is all about. Through asking about his biggest influences and his future plans, we learn how he hopes to incorporate journalism in his life going forward.

Q: "Why did you choose to learn more about journalism?"

A: “I wanted to know what it would be like to be in the perspective of a journalist.”

Q: "Who is your biggest influence in life?"

A: “My biggest influence is probably Kobe Bryant, because he’s built different.”

Q: "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

A: I don’t know, I’m gonna be in Florida so I’m not sure what I’m gonna do there.”

Q: "When you think of journalists, does anyone come to mind?"

A: “No, not really.”

Q: "Why do you think it’s so hard to name reporters? Why aren’t they in the spotlight?"

A: “They don’t get recognition, you just hear the news and not where it came from.”

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Samuel Bastos