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Rebecca Ungar is an 18 year old senior at Hall High School in West Hartford, Connecticut. She is an active member in the theatre program, works at Mission Escape Games, and is a writer at Hall Record. Rebecca also has a leopard gecko. Next year, she plans to go to school in Tuscon, Arizona and “have a room full of rescue geckos when she returns.”

Her role model is David Attenborough, who is the voice of Planet Earth, which relates to her interest in the environment and what our government is doing to protect it.

Rebecca is taking Journalism Class because she knows other people that have taken this course and she has an interest in current events in our world.

Journalism is important to Rebecca because she can take individuals skills and apply them to make a change in the world. She also believes that all of the negative events going on around the world does not get enough attention in the media.

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