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Eva Astrachan
Born on July Ninth, 2002, West Hartford native Eva Astrachan is one of the newest journalists coming to the Hall Record. This seventeen-year-old is here to exercise her mind as a writer and explore a new subject. Although she was always excited to begin her experience with this class, “I realized journalism mattered when [I looked] at this day and age and I saw how many controversial subjects there are in the news, and journalists are able to honestly speak on them.” 

Outside of truth-seeking, Eva spends much of her time playing the violin in various high level orchestras around West Hartford. Described as a talented, kind, and empathetic person, Eva uses her violin skills to bring joy to the people around her. Aside from violin she enjoys a nice over-medium egg from time to time.

Eva plans on attending a four year university to study music and another undecided subject. The Hall Record community is eager to see what comes next for this Hall High School senior.

Eva Astrachan, Editor

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Eva Astrachan