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Julianna Le
Julianna Le is a 17-year-old student living in West Hartford, Connecticut.  She has resided in Connecticut her entire life with her family, including her sister Brianna. Although she isn’t entirely sure where she will end up after graduation, Julianna plans on attending a four year college and going to dental school to fulfill her dream of becoming a dentist.

Taking Journalism was a easy decision for Julianna to make this year as she wanted to work hard to learn about current events. Her hard-working ethics come from her parents who inspire her daily to be driven and committed to everything she does.  When asked about her family’s influence on her, she states: "Growing up in my family, I was brought up with a different culture than the typical American or Western family. My family has always taught me the importance of putting in effort to get a successful outcome”. Volunteering weekly at her temple, Julianna displays effort by helping the organization while also connecting with people with similar interests and backgrounds. 

Julianna Le, Editor

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Julianna Le