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Mia Downey
Mia was born in Hartford CT and grew up in West Hartford. Her family is from Italy and Argentina. Mia enjoys a lot of hobbies that include painting, playing the piano, writing songs, and skateboarding. Mia also works two hostess jobs and participates in the student-faculty committee, unified theater, and is a volunteer at a homeless shelter. When asked about who she looks up to, she said: “I look up to my mom, because she always has a positive attitude and works very hard”. Mia aspires to be like her.

Mia became interested in journalism because she enjoys learning about current events and was hoping that journalism would be another useful writing skill to add to her repertoire. Also, Mia hopes that writing about current events would be an efficient way to stay updated on the news.

Her career plans are to become a detective, and plans to join the coast guard after high school. Mia’s ideal vacation is backpacking through Europe.


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Mia Downey