Mystery Teacher

Emma Kingwell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Hall Highlights

Emma Kingwell

EK: How long have you been teaching?

MT: In total, this is my 22nd year at Hall and I have been teaching for 24 years.


EK: Where did you grow up?

MT: I grew up in a small town in eastern Connecticut.


EK: What is your favorite movie?

MT: I really liked “Blade Runner”.  For the 90s, there’s a great movie called “Jacob’s Ladder”. The movie “Seven” – I liked that one a lot. And certainly the “Deer Hunter” and “The Big Lebowski”.


EK: What is your favorite book and why?

MT: I think a real funny book I enjoyed is called “The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman” written by a guy named Laurence Stern. It’s silly but funny. There’s a satire by Don DeLillo called “White Noise” which is really good. I am a huge Tim O’Brien fan:  “The Things They Carried” is one of my favorite books. Kafka’s short stories are great. There are so many books that I like, so it’s hard to choose.


EK: What is your favorite genre of music?

MT: I like a wide range of music, you know? I like hard rock. I like hardcore punk music, but I’ve mellowed out.


EK: What is your favorite band?

MT: When I was younger, I liked Metallica and Iron Maiden. Now I also like Fish, Mo, and newer jam bands. Kendrick Lamar is really talented, too. He won a Pulitzer Prize.


EK: What was your favorite subject in high school?

MT: Math. Ironic, I know. I liked precalculus.


EK: What are some of your hobbies?

MT: I actually kind of like landscaping a little bit. I like working outside. I do like hiking. I used to like biking more but now I don’t bike as much. I like playing golf. Obviously I like to read as well.


EK: Where do you want to travel to and why?

MT: I have always wanted to go to Prague, in the Czech Republic. It is surrounded by mountains and castles. They actually have a festival there which celebrates Franz Kafka, one of my favorite writers. I have heard it is a really beautiful place.


Students and faculty… Do you have any idea who this teacher could be?