Wordle Woes

Josie Wenner, Poet Laureate

On February 8th, 2022, the solution to the Wordle was frame. My final guess was grame. I was so filled with emotion after not getting the word that I just had to channel those feelings into poetry. 


I picked this word I’ve come to love

Having fit the words I guessed above

Five letters long, two vowels, three cons

Its elements contribute to the feeling it spawns

The word meaning anger, archaic rage

Wild fury locked in a cage

A word that shall someday rise to great fame

This word, this wonderful word: grame

Grame meaning fury, emotional fire

The way one might feel if called a liar

Grame IS a word, accepted by Wordle

The world’s unofficial dictionary journal

While the notes app hits grame with a dotted red line

I know that this word is really quite fine

Grame now holds a special place in my heart

From using this word, I will never depart