The Reality of Teens Working at Country Clubs

Working summers are always a fun way to dip your toes in the deep end of the real world, but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Balancing free time and work and when school comes around, having enough time to keep up with extracurricular activities and especially school work, can become a plate not many can handle. Working at a golf club has become popular for teens starting off in the workforce. It can seem like a win-win situation with non-demanding work, flexibility, and an overall great work environment. But as teens find themselves more into the job, it becomes less of a fun job like it seemed at the beginning and more of an inconvenience to stick with it. The main problem with the job is the increase in responsibility as it progresses. Having to cover late-night shifts and being relied on during the constant instability in job retention quickly becomes a hassle. The job must get done to the patronizing members that expect the best even when it might be just yourself holding the country club on your back. A new-age battle must be balanced, with the utmost consideration. For teens to figure out what really matters in our developing years when it’s supposed to be as fun as holding the moon.