Wasted Parking spots at Hall

Laitham Arias, CJ Cohen, and Blake Bouley

With the start of the 2022-2023 School year Hall has made some changes to the rules, becoming more strict on school policies. One big change being the student parking policies, using the first come first serve method and permanent spots for the year.

If you go outside any day during school you can see the packed teacher lot, filled with faculty and staff. As well as the overflowed Eisenhower Park parking lot and the long line of cars that go all the way down Maiden Lane. But why are students having such a hard time finding parking? Because there is a large waste of parking spots in the Student lot. The usage of the first come first serve method of parking spaces has left many juniors and seniors without parking spots for the whole year. as well as many of the spots being claimed by students who don’t use it daily.