From a 300 Pound Cockroach Sprayer to a Navy SEAL

In the year of 1999, 5 years after serving in the Air Force, David Goggins was severely out of shape(nearly 300 pounds) and worked as a pest control fumigator. Goggins sprayed for rodents and cockroaches and felt miserable about his life. One day, Goggins watched a documentary about Navy SEAL training and that became the life changing moment of his life. 

After calling several recruiters but got rejected multiple times because of his weight. One day he finally met a recruiter and got the message that he had to lose 106 pounds in less than 3 months in order to pass the standards. Therefore Goggins worked hard everyday and finally met the standards so he could attend the BUD/S training. 

Even had to attend 3 times BUD/S training but failed the first two training due to medical reasons insteading of quitting. Goggins never quit during his training even though he had to take enormous pains from both physical and mental aspects such as carrying log, running with boat over the head, surviving the surf torture, and swimming with a broken knee etc… Finally, hard work rewards with sweet fruits: Goggins finally passed his third BUD/S training and successfully became a Navy SEAL. 

The story of Goggins had not been done yet. 3 years after Goggins became a Navy SEAL, he also graduated the Ranger School. This made Goggins become the first man in the U.S. armored Force that completed the Air Force Tactical Air Control Party training, Navy SEAL training and Ranger School. Goggins also attended the hardest races in the world such as ultra-marathon, triathlon and ultra-triathlon. Goggins regularly placed in the top 5 and sometimes the first. In 2007, Goggins achieved his personal best by placing 3rd of the Badwater UltraMarathon— the hardest race in the world and only a few people in the world can finish this in-death valley race. (During summer, the Death Valley is the hottest place on Earth, with extreme weather conditions and temperature[can reach 130 °F (54 °C)]. The high altitude also makes the conditions even harsher[has an elevation of 8360 feet (2548 m) in the end of the Death Valley]) Goggins also broke the most pull up world record in 24 hours in 2013(4,030 pull ups). All these show how great a human being’s potential can have without even realizing it. 

Millions of people have been inspired by Goggins’ story across the country. Today, Goggins retired after 20 years of serving active duty but still continues doing hard work and challenging himself everyday. Goggins has also raised money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in order to help the children of fallen special operation soldiers. And by the way, Goggins started doing long-distance races since 2005 in order to raise more money even till today. 

“The pain that you are willing to endure is measured by how bad you want it.”             –David Goggins