The Humane Society of the United States, and Its Efforts to Protect Our Animals

Salma Makhlouf and Sondos Makhlouf

Picture this: 

You are walking into a large event in Virginia and pass a banner with “3rd Annual Predator Calling Championship” written in ginormous letters hanging from two poles. Approaching the crowd, you see trailers full of dead coyotes as a presenter prepares to announce the winners. Two teams win the championship for hunting the biggest coyote, and two win for hunting the largest number of coyotes in a twenty-four-hour time frame. After the competition, the majority of animals are thrown into dumpsters. Believe it or not, many actions like these are still legal, but some groups are taking the initiative to make a change.

A Truly Remarkable Organization: 

As the largest anti-hunting organization, the Humane Society of the United States has done enormous work in advocating for the protection of animals against cruel actions as well as disasters. Focusing on providing direct care for animals, they have established multiple sanctuaries, veterinary clinics, and rehabilitation facilities all over the nation.

Despite some controversies regarding the organization’s use of its funds, the Humane Society has continued to defend animal rights through the purchasing of vegetarian start-up companies, drawing attention to the suffering of hens in farms, protecting black bears from hunting, standing in the way of dog meat traders and attempting to ban cosmetic testing on animals.

Cosmetic Testing on Animals:

Currently, the Humane Society of the United States is working on a major issue, advocating for animal protection against cosmetic testing. Without the slightest bit of sympathy, makeup products are applied onto the skin of rabbits, mice, and hamsters in laboratories, to test for irritation and observe any significant harm. Sadly, the testing of household products and cosmetics on restrained animals is still completely legal in the United States, but the HSUS has been able to spread awareness by producing a film, Save Ralph, which went viral and led Mexico and five U.S. states to prohibit the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. 

Protecting Animals:

The Humane Society continues to gain public support and funding from many people. Charles Yochim, a former math teacher and radio engineer, believes it is crucial to ensure continued care for all animals. “Since I have no children, I feel that the best way I can help my strong feelings for animals to continue after I’m gone is to include the HSUS in my will so that I can keep my love for all creatures going,” he says.

Protecting these vulnerable animals is part of our duty as US citizens. Kitty Block, the current CEO and President of the Humane Society comments on the ultimate mission of the HSUS stating, “Animals need our help and we are fighting for them, every day, all over the globe.”